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What goes on in Korea.. Shouldn’t stay in Korea.

I just got back from a week in Korea with mah boiz~ Yeh what up homie!

Other than sitting between FXOz and FXOLeenock, and even playing games with Leenock, I did some investigation into whats going on in Korea. I even sat down with Mr Chae and spoke somewhat about whats going on, about the future, and about what should go on.

One thing alerted me and was pretty alarming. So I feel it needs to be addressed.

The KOREAN scene honestly believes that all foreign gamers are making a fortune playing SC2, whilst achieving nothing and not having to practice. 

What the f…

The average foreigner salary is USD$400 (AVERAGE) based on stats, and from my observation is decreasing not increasing. Not many foreigners are flown around the world and a large number of them aren’t even getting travel coverage.

I am still in shock that even the leading people in Korea were delusional as to what is actually going on. So I decided to look for a reason for this.

Simple reason, players being recruited as PR machines rather than game winners.

In the world of finance, usually dressing and driving expensive gives the illusion that you are successful and making money. It WILL land you that client ahead of the genius guy who turns up in his pajamas. Foreign players are very showy, and the koreans are more humble (with exception to a few). This has obviously created some illusion of success in the industry and now we have players demanding outrageous salaries and even begging for them on twitter (not going to name names). 

Its becoming relatively embarrassing having to explain to people that not all foreign gamers including that guy.. you know the one that players ladder alot and does nothing else with a name no one has ever heard of and no one has ever seen before, are not making 6 figures per year.

The smart koreans have sussed it out, but as we watch drama after drama, we realise that some still don’t actually understand its a PR snowball.

Dear Korean gamer, if you wish to make 6 figures, get on a team that takes no prize money, practice your ass off, and win your 6 figures. Its entirely possible! Don’t look for the easy way out of no practice and salary.

Most korean team houses cover the cost of living for the players, so this is achievable.

That being said, the Korean scene is growing viewership, including those of the female variety.. Viva Korea! 

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