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My trip to MLG Arena NYC - Final day

Its been a relatively eventful trip so far.

Yesterday morning I went to breakfast/lunch with Nestea DRG Losira Leenock and MVP. DRG paid (I tried but he wouldn’t let me) and I ate vegetarian dumplings. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise these dumplings would be the bane of my existance.

Anyway, soon after the breakfast/lunch, Leenock and I did a little sight seeing. First we went to the top of the empire state building. I got accused of being a terrorist and they yelled at me pretty rudely to stop using my video camera. I mean what? Really? Everyone else has a video camera, why not me? Meh, I got a bit of footage but not really too much. Leenock took some pictures and obviously is afraid of heights. When we got to the 80th floor there was a huge line up, so we had the option of walking 6 floors or waiting in line. We took the walking option, and leenock all but died on the way up the poor guy. 

After the empire state building we took a walk to Time square. On the way, we bumped into some old friends of mine….. ELMO and Cookie monster. I have video of leenock and pictures of leenock with Elmo and Cookie monster, I was impressed that he didnt seem to realise what or who they were. 

We got to timesquare and 2 people doing some broadway how were walking around dressed as monsters with a shopping cart, one of them screamed at Leenock and he screamed from fright, I laughed my ass off but unfortunately I did not get it on camera. It was freaking freezing cold as the wind had picked up and it appears I have minor frost bite on my neck.

I return Leenock to the MLG offices and I went back to the hotel to throw up for 3 hours. I got back to the office about 10 minutes after the Oz Leenock match. Leenock was visibly exhausted and Oz fell asleep in the lounge soon after. I feel sorry for the Korean guys who are jet lagged and tired. Oz was sick on the first day from oily food so the conditions aren’t that great.

I am also under the impression the Koreans are not enjoying the fact that there is no huge crowd. I am not 100% sure why this is, probably the stardom side of things.

Anywho, after the HUK vs Oz match I walk back to the hotel to try and sleep. 

Its now 7 33 am, I have been awake for 3 hours and im not really tired. I am extremely keen for a bagel though.

I haven’t got too much video footage on this trip for a mixture of reasons. I feel a bit slack, but I’ll make up for it some how.

Hopefully the final day will be good.

<3 FXOBoSs

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