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KESPA and Korea

OK OK OK I give in.. I will blog again.

Why did I stop? Well, people keep whining at me because the truth hurts them. And they whine in a way that can potentially effect my organisation. However!

The current topic will effect the future of starcraft 2. I don’t care who you are, or what you do, but if you are a foreigner in sc2 you should start to think about the future…properly.

Firstly, I am going to describe a few things about e-sports and e-sports organisations.

Whilst there are a few people out there spreading the word of e-sports to the broader community (I am not one of them, other than our FXOpen clients), the majority of the e-sports communities are EXTREMELY insular. They promote the product internally only and only care about the effects of their insular communities.

This can be seen in many many cases of foreign e-sports, and also can be seen in Korea.

Now, here is the fine print before I go forward.

Having a team as part of the new foundation in Korea means that the information I am providing here is 2nd hand information directly from the foundation, and not gom blizzard or kespa. The lack of transparency is the reason I am talking about this but information is slowly being fed out. I am merely reporting it.

One of the most insular businesses in e-sports history is KESPA. I am not saying KESPA is a bad organisation, but they are extremely insular and secretive. This comes under business practices in ASIA its standard and to be expected. However it doesn’t work for a global business model.

KESPA is a korean organisation. It has only legal rights to govern other korean organisations. Thus, for someone to be involved in KESPA’s organisation they must be a Korean organisation.

This is where things get a bit tricky. At the moment as things are, foreign teams have a small presence in korea, via partnerships and what not. This is not governable by KESPA legally. You cannot govern a foreign entity entirely *note entirely* when it only has a partial presence in Korea. And whilst some foreign organisations like to think they can control everything, with this they cannot. 

I was asked the question yesterday whether or not we are a Foreign or Korean team. I asked why and got the results of both. I have now declared my team a Korean team, with foreign players (Strelok bratok etc). How does this work?

We have 16 players, all korean nationals, all based in korea. This makes us a korean team. Should you have 1 korean and 20 foreigners with no house in korea bla bla, you are a foreign team. 

From the information given to me, only Korean entities will be participating in the upcoming proleague. Rightly so, considering KESPA is a korean organisation.

People have been asking why I actually said “potentially this could be the end of foreigners in korea”. Whilst its been taken out of context, I would like to explain this further.

Firstly, Proleague money will mean, koreans want to work harder for the korean events (minus a few exceptions of course).

As it stands, there would be 2 maybe 3 foreigners who would qualify for a A team spot to play in proleague. But they aren’t on Korean teams. Which means, they wouldnt be eligable for proleague either at least as I have been informed yesterday.

Next, in order to keep up with the level of play korea will produce, you will need a full korean support and presence in korea. Fnatic potentially will have that, but right now I don’t see any other ‘foreign labelled’ team doing so on their own. Which means that it eliminates the opportunity for a large number of foreigners to play in korea.

Foreign-korean partnerships are what the federation will be fighting for. Trying to keep teams as they are, and allowing for the foreigners to be there at the same time and potentially play via partnership. As it stands there is a threat of this being taken away. I dont want it, you don’t want it, we don’t want it. But the potential is there.

Now, what I am saying is NOT what will happen exactly. There is some sort of trade off thats going to happen. But I am merely stating potential under current information and circumstances.

However other things to keep in mind. If proleague starts, its unlikely the TOP koreans will attend foreign events due to scheduling/obligations. As far as scheduling goes, if proleague and GSL run side by side, my team would have time for 2 foreign events per year. This is an arrow in the knee to the koreans joining foreign teams. Its also a swift kick in the balls to foreign events banking on korean star popularity.

So I would offer a few solutions personally to a means of making this work for everyone.

Firstly, some nationalised events need to start, similar to GSL to promote movement forward globally. 

Next, KESPA/foundation like organisations should be made in each major area of SC2, and then connect together with the korean organisations to some how barter the entire system. 

If these things happen, sc2 can grow everywhere. But as things stand, it looks like its just going to do what brood war did all over again. And no one wants that.

As it stands, if people remain so insular and do not open their mind in terms of business and organisation, starcraft looks to once again be a korean game just as brood war did. But there is an opportunity now for everyone to go the right direction and make it a global business with entities around the world.

(I know one person in particular who will cry and whine about what I have written, but I think thats because the Korean “federation” was formed before he had a chance /stab)

<3 FXOBoSs 

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