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But Maaa… The cow is empty.

This blog goes out to @laxxsc2 and @matthew_hi11 as it was their suggestions that created the train of thought.

Laxx wanted me to blog about social media and e-sports, and Matthew wanted me to blog about the over hyping thats going on (mostly in starcraft 2). So I thought i’d join them together since social media is the means of over hyping.

Of course I cannot include specifics, but to start off with I would like to apologise to MLG Adam because I may single him out without intention. I’ll try my best not to.

Starcraft 2 has a history of excessive hype and over kill on things. Remember that guy who started the announcement of announcement of announcement for NASL? Biggest thing in e-sports history? Well, although NASL have taken steps to improving from its, lets say, lack luster beginning, it still is far from the biggest thing in e-sports history. 

What about that Indian event recently? If you can call it an event. Biggest e-sports event ? “HOLY SHIT RESPECT TO MY INDIAN BROTHERS”. Well, if you knew about how the world works, you could have smelt this failure from a very far distance. 

Now we have our dear friend Adam suggesting that MLG Anaheim may, possibly, but don’t hold me to it, have 16000 people coming through its doors daily. 

Well, I WOULD LOVE if that happened. I really would, but the odds a heavily stacked against this hype machine. I believe its been every single MLG championship event that has had the hype of “this is going to be the biggest and best MLG ever”. Although I have only attended Arena and Columbus 2011, the reports I am getting back are the opposite. 

How does all this overhype become possible? Well, social media….

There are countless numbers of e-sports personalities or veterans if you will, whom are abusing their twitter accounts with delusion and misinformation. The e-sports community is guilty of empowering those that hype, because it gives them hope and entertainment. I love entertainment, as does every other man, woman or child on the planet. But now its time to compare the e-sports hype with The Simpsons.

Remember before the 350th episode of the Simpsons, when it was the biggest, greatest thing in the history of television? Then lets say after the 365th episode it turned to absolute shit and I, along with many other viewers, were quick to switch it off.

Well, thats how I feel about e-sports social media right now. Its the same old crap month in month out, extremely predictable, and obsessively over hyped. Post production numbers are far more interesting than “what could be”. 

Knowing the exact figure of subscribers numbers for MLG would blow my mind, but its not released. 

Knowing the profit/loss of dreamhack (Especially after behind the scenes conversations with staff) would blow my mind. 


Actually, because of the overhype, its pretty easy to predict which side of the scale these figures are with organisations. So it does give a clear picture on which direction to personally take in e-sports. 

There is somewhat of an old addage in the FOREX market which kind of becomes relevant to the e-sports market.

Those that make money, are quiet… Those that aren’t making money are the loudest, and those that are concerned they won’t make money, complain all the time.

Seems relevant.

Alternatively, those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.  But I guess thats more relevant to players than events. 

Hope you enjoyed the blog!



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