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TLDR: Read until the line. Then go to the bottom of the page and read the point explanation of why youtube is best for FXOpen e-sports

FXOpen e-sports recently has changed its method of capturing the audience for its exposure.

Its nothing special, just that we have managed to consolidate everything at youtube.

However, I am having a strange feeling about the community when we have started streaming that I want to highlight briefly in this blog.

The most common question I’ve noticed in the last week of testing is “WHY YOUTUBE? WHY NOT TWITCH? WTF”

Well… I have to ask you this question, why not youtube?

I understand that some people are just in shock that someone is streaming on youtube and some have a regional problem with government blocks, but there are so many people who have been a little bit weird about the questions and it boggles my mind because the reaction to me feels like people think youtube is a new start up or something (thats the impression being given, I know that people can’t be actually thinking that).

I know some people are now thinking “you are just reacting to trolls” but there have been figures such as EGincontrol asking the same question and I still just don’t get it. 


Over the course of the e-sports boom, there has been many companies used for streaming. Twitch of course being the most popular one, follower by own3d and then you have livestream and dailymotion, and many others. Youtube during this time has ALWAYS been used for VODS.. Many community members only exist because of youtube, HD, Husky, TB… Its only obvious that many people would consider youtube for all its work. I am going to explain a little bit why here.

HD, Husky, TB etc. all MOST PROBABLY make more money from youtube VOD’s than from streaming or commentating an event. The fill rates on the VOD’s are pretty much perfect, plus there are the text ads which allow them to make good income.

FXOpen e-sports is hoping this will happen also with our VOD’s whilst consolidating our fanbase to one place with solid scheduling and the better subscriber option. But the cash is not why we are moving because the money is insignificant. FXOpen does over 70 billion USD in trading volume per month. Although we don’t have a problem receiving the 5k streaming might make us, we do not focus on it anymore as it doesn’t change anything for us.

In the past I have stressed cpm rates and fill rates with other providers the reason for this is testing the business models in e-sports. It had very little to do with making cash for FXOpen and more to do with exposing information to the public and hopefully making people think about the future.

Last night we had a stream of Leenock going, and the VOD ads made more money than he would have made playing 3 ads per commercial break(after each game) on twitch with the same viewer count.

NB: This is based on our past usage of twitch and not of todays current fill rates. However there would have had to be a HUGE increase in fill rate to make the statement incorrect

Now we have an opportunity to have a large subscriber base on a place where we can show multiple videos, promote our new team members who deserve promotion and allow us to grow as a team and event management company.

You should also note that Youtube streams have a STRICT policy of not showing third party sponsorships on stream. So our overlays on the video embed will NEVER have anything but FXOpen on them. This is a reason why no other team will want to use them as it doesn’t allow for sponsor exposure.

Anyway, FXOpen does not intend to have any other MAJOR sponsors (like raidcall with Fnatic) we will have small ones such as Razer, but will not fund our entire team on one sponsorship from another partner. This is another reason why youtube is a very viable option for us. It fits our goals and is very convenient for us in management of media. 

We have hired 2 staff to completely manage all youtube streams and videos here in Malaysia. Its very efficient and schedule changes will be prompt so that people are well informed when our players will be streaming if they subscribe. This is another huge bonus for us, the scheduling system is amazing at youtube and you can communicate with fans so much better.

Youtube live has been in Beta for so long, and is very restrictive on who will actually be able to use the platform. We have been fortunate enough (due to our location mostly, they don’t have many SEA partners and they only just launched youtube Malaysia) to obtain the streaming platform and do some testing for youtube. 

This is good for publicizing e-sports on a different platform. Youtube.com/live is not gaming based, but our high stream numbers that should happen eventually will hopefully show e-sports (we are not going to be doing only sc2) to the world.

Perhaps it will help bring more people to other e-sports companies and personalities twitch channel? Who knows.


Why youtube is best for FXOpen e-sports?

- We intend on doing more than player streams and our starcraft 2 events

- All our fan base is in one place so we can reach them better

- Ability to promote other players in the team via fans of other players/our events

- Our company already spends large sums of money on google advertising, this helps our relationship with google

- We get to work with google

- The VOD saving system is so much better than using twitch or own3d

- There are more people in the world with accounts on youtube than on twitch

- We get to be seen by non e-sports persons via the youtube.com/live page hopefully extending our reach

- It fits our non major sponsorship business model better to gain maximum exposure

- We can stream interviews of our players/people in the house and VOD them easier, and the VOD’s can be edited faster. This makes the live to VOD time a lot less and the work is less.

- It forces use to up our technology and streaming abilities as the minimum requirements are much higher. Hopefully translating to better production in the future.

Hopefully I will see you on youtube!



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