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Mega RANT - time to clean shit up

This is a rant, not a blog. So if you expected a somewhat structured (albeit poorly) blog, this isn’t that. Its just a big rant.

Ok, so like many others in this space, I’m starting to get a little bit fed up.

This week has been like the bi-polar topsy turvey e-sports week. Its completely retarded and as an investor I feel relatively ill to be a part of whats going on by any means.

Starcraft 2 is not dying, its shrinking. It won’t die, but the bubble has burst but not in an overwhelming fashion. That is, watching the game no longer seems appealing to those who have bought it. This was inevitable, as the amount of new blood into the game is boardering 0 and has been boardering 0 for a while now. No real biggie, as the professional (prestige level) scene still exists and will remain existent. 

Everyone has been spamming their opinions of what they think should happen. Everyone has their own agenda on why changes should be made. I.E Destiny’s entire livelyhood depends purely on the casual gamer. Thus he wants the game to cater more to the casuals. If you watch his stream numbers between sc2 and LoL you will see that the LoL casuals are less likely to watch him than the sc2 ones. Thus it affects his business drastically that sc2 is not casual catered to. He’s not wrong, Sc2 has huge flaws in its social abilities compared to the original battle net and starcraft usa-1 starcraft kor-1 and starcraft aus-1 days. Heck I even remember boxer being in a chat channel at one stage and 30 guys in there stalking him. This was exciting and it made you play the game more. It has its flaws.

Artosis posted that the game is fabulous amazing beautiful. He is right as well, the game is amazing, its complex, its beautiful. 

Others ranted that custom games are crap. Again, correct (god i miss tower defense from wc3 and hydra ranchers). 

All these are entirely valid points and opinions. All of them are correct. But it doesn’t fix the problem. Making 4000 reddit posts and 4000 TL posts and 1 million tweets about it, also doesn’t fix the problem. Infact, it makes you look like a child, and some of you may be classified as children and thats fine, but people in the spot light need to behave differently and without the use of the F word every 2 seconds. I am not talking about the reaction blizzard may have, but I am talking about, as a major e-sports sponsor, the affect it has on my mentality when I am sponsoring this….. 

The thought crossed my mind to get out of this crap in the last 48 hours. And if it weren’t for my attachment to my players/team/organisation, I would have pushed out company to exit in as efficient a manner as possible. 

Anyway, push that aside for now. And lets move onto this slayers drama.

To be honest, I knew about slayers conditions and the situation for a long time now. Everyone in Korea did. 

The actual in house conditions of Slayers are not the fault of ESF we can cross that off the box. 

The practice conditions, sc2con and from what I can interpret, ESF are to blame for that although I have witnessed ESF players playing with slayers players in the past so am a little confused by this. 

The issue we now have is, foreign fans between the age of lets say 12 and 50, are posting opinions of what they think is right and wrong in Korea. Then we have Korean fans siding with the idol, ESF fans saying Jessica is horrible and all this other shit flying around like the world is about to end. 

As professionals in an industry (anyone mentioned in these articles and what not) there are HUGE mistakes made by all parties.

First of all, if you are being bullied in a space that requires fans, why aren’t you exposing this bullying? Fans are powerful weapons, and can be used to help you provide them with entertainment. 

Next, if you rely on fans, why do you do stupid shit like boycott a team that is such a fan favourite from the get go? I mean, seriously? 

A question I would like answered is, after I had a run in with sc2con and went blatantly public with it, why didn’t slayers come to me and say “We had a problem also here it is”. I would have publicly spat that out so quickly. Sc2con was an abomination and I had every reason to insult it publicly to get things done. 

One of the problems I am now facing as a person who wants an explanation for all actions from both sides, is that everyone has now gone tight lipped and anti-outsider. “Don’t worry, just don’t tweet kk?” is a common sentence being spat at me now. I tell you what, if anyone, foreign or Korean wants to survive in an industry like e-sports, you better start fighting for the greater good. If someone is pissing you off with bullshit tactics, start exposing it. If someone is harassing your players expose it. If someone is harassing you, expose it. Get it out in the public in a formal manner. Because sitting in silence in this market full of bullies, is not going to achieve ANYTHING. 

Exposing this crap AFTER the fact doesn’t achieve ANYTHING but damage to an industry. Theres no progress. Theres no growth. If anything it does the complete opposite, and I now question whether or not this was a motive for exposure. Was this done to hurt people more than they hurt you? I do believe in an eye for an eye, but you are blinding an entire industry instead of just those people.

Now before any of you say it, its not just sc2 now with this crap. Another (ANOTHER) LoL player was caught jacking off on stream? Seriously? Do you not give a crap about the thing you love so much? 

There have been so many people making a living from e-sports for the last small amount of time who would not have made that money so “easily” (I use the word easily lightly because its not that easy to be an entertainer but its easy if it comes natural i guess??) doing a job they are suitably qualified for in the ‘real world’. And now some of them are losing their livings because of the shift in the market. The volume of money entering the market that is not sales related is shrinking as well over all (some people might be getting more but it doesnt make up for the less that others are getting). So now what is the next step? Eternal damnation? Death by excessive reddit threads? Or we go back to square one, for the third time? 

Heres some things I think need to happen, to clean this complete cluster fuck of crap up.

- Any federation or organisation that exists must publicly announce their meeting notes a la corporate board

- Any organisation that is using public media to promote their viewership numbers, must publicly post viewership stats (in order to control artificial inflation / market manipulation)

- Any action taken against a team or player that is not publicly noted, should be reported to reliable media sources in a formal sense (this should deter secret boycotting and childish bullshit)

- Anyone caught masterbating on a stream should probably seek psychiatric help

- Organisations who receive ill treatment from players or casters should report it formally to a federation or reliable media source for public disclosure (some of the behaviour these days is utterly disgusting)

- Players who which to whine about the game, should whine to blizzard directly on the blizzard forums so as to not fill the entire media space with what is the majority of whining about balance (the players aren’t doing that, the community is). Balance is not the problem get over it. A huge increase in blizzard forum posting traffic would more likely make them pay attention than 4000 reddit threads with negative titles. 

These are just a few things I have in mind, and will most likely submit to ESF, other than the masterbation one. I am still trying to get over that, sure it might be a mistake but …. seriously? I will never get over that.

The mere fact alllll of this came out at once, is like a major mess and has probably done at least 6 months of damage to the sc2 scene over all. Thats right, 6 months worth of fluff media on reddit including my blog posts, all wasted because of 2 days of drama. Just like all markets, the media market is no exception. When there is a bear day, its usually a large amount of bull days to make it back. This shit storm, I know for a fact has caught the attention of a large number of people with significant investment in starcraft. And let me tell you, they ARE NOT IMPRESSED.

Anyway, its all off my chest now. Its a rant, not a blog.


<3 FXOBoSs

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